Vintage Book Collections

Our rare and antique book collections are one of our favorite things — and something we can't offer at Highland games and other events. As a result, they are only available here. Each digital collection contains four or more PDF versions of the original tomes. The files are available for immediate download after purchase.

Featured Collections

A History of the Highlands

Explore the history of Scotland with all eight PDF volumes of John S. Keltie’s A History of the Scottish Highlands, Highland Clans & Highland Regiments. This 1875 opus contains more than 1,600 pages of text, illustrations and maps on the history of Caledonia.


Scottish Castles & Keeps

Explore the exciting history of the castles, keeps, places and places of note in Scotland with four classic volumes from our digital archive. This fantastic four volume collection includes Royal Palaces of Scotland (1911) and The Castles & Keeps of Scotland (1807).


Scottish Genealogy

Explore the fascinating history of Scottish genealogy with four volumes from our digital archive. This informative set includes Genealogical Collections Concerning Families in Scotland Vol 1 & 2 (1900) and The Great Historic Families of Scotland Vol 1 & 2 (1887).


A History of the Bagpipes

Explore the history of the bagpipes with four classic volumes from our digital archive. This musical collection includes The Highland Bagpipe: Its History, Literature & Music (1901), The Pipes of War (1920) and Glen's Collection for the Great Highland Bagpipe (1900).


Tartans & Costuming

Explore the colorful history of the tartan and traditional costuming of old Scotland with this four-volume collection of antique tomes from our digital archive. This selection includes McIan's Costumes of the Clans of Scotland (1849) and Old & Rare Scottish Tartans (1893).


Scottish Folk Lore

Explore the fascinating folk lore, myths, fairy tales and superstitions of old Scotland with eight classic volumes from our archive. This colorful collection includes Folk Lore in Lowland Scotland (1908) and Superstitions of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland (1900).