Vintage Treasures

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When we find something truly special, we will include it here. Past items include antique sterling daggers, Victorian kilt pins, hundred-year-old Scottish tartans, classic tomes and much more. If you have any questions on any of the items we may list here — including availability, pricing and shipping options, please contact us at any time!

Agate Flower Bracelet

Based on a traditional Victorian style, this 1920s red and white agate bracelet flanks a riveted center with four lovely red abstract flowers. Make for a smaller wrist, it is a one-of-a-kind treasure!


Bloodstone Buttons

These six Civil War era buttons and button clips are carved from beautiful Scottish bloodstone, set in gold and enclosed in the original leather and velvet case. A rare, wondrous find.


Carved Antler Spoon

Another rare find from one of our recent expeditions through the Appalachians, this beautiful 6 inch spoon is carved entirely from deer antler and capped with a delicate thistle design.


Compass Rose Kilt Pin

A classic example of a mid 19th century Scottish kilt pin, this 2.5 inch diameter sterling quoit includes 12 different colors of native Scottish agate, extensive hallmarks and a sterling safety chain.


Four Rose Kilt Pin

One of the finest examples of a mid-Victorian kilt pin we've ever had the luck to find. Intricate silverware surrounds a cross of flowers made of native Scottish agate in four different colors.


Grouse Hunting Pin

Long a Scottish tradition, this classic hunting pin includes the preserved foot of a summer grouse. Made in hammered sterling, this excellent example dates from the mid to early 20th century.


Oak Leaf Pendant

A treasure from the 1950s, this hefty oak leaf and acorn pendant measures 2.5 inches across on a 22 inch heavy chain in a matching silver-tone metal. A unique costume piece!


Red Agate Cross

Hand carved in traditional Scottish red agate, this single-piece cross is approximately 2.5 inches tall and capped on top and bottom in sterling silver. Includes a 20 inch sterling box chain.


Victorian Cuff Bracelet

Over the years we have collected a few amazing Victorian cuffs, but this is one of the best. Crafted from rolled gold, this small hinged bracelet is covered in tiny, intricate oriental designs.