Sizing your spoon ring

While spoon rings make a fantastic gift, it isn’t always easy to guess the right ring size. Fortunately, many of our rings are designed to be sized after the fact. If you purchased or received one of our spoon rings, check out the instructional video below.

Is your ring sizable?

Our spoon rings come in two different styles: band (left) and overlap (right). Band rings are more difficult to resize. Making a band ring smaller increases the bulk and can lead to an uncomfortable overlap. Making a band ring larger leaves a gap with will likely pinch the finger over time. Overlapping rings are very easy to size with the right tools.

Ring Styles

The tools you’ll need

To resize your spoon ring, you’ll need a pair of slip-joint or combination pliers (left), a pair of needle nose pliers (center), a cloth napkin or washcloth (right) and a pretty good grip strength (not pictured).


If you aren’t comfortable sizing the spoon ring on your own, contact us and we can help. Stop by any of our live events, and we can quickly size your ring to a perfect fit.

( We are working on the video. . . )