Special Orders

Custom Order

As each of our silverware and hardware items is hand made, we currently don't sell our items online. We have found that the fit, patterns, styles and more are best chosen in person. If there is something that you simply must have for a gift (or, even better, for yourself), contact us using our online form and we can work with you to figure something out.

If you're not sure what to buy, we also offer gift certificates in any amount you'd like. The certificates can be delivered via email or traditional mail, and we will work with your recipient to find them the perfect gift.

Wholesale orders are available on a very limited basis. If you have a shop or gallery and would like to carry any of our silverware, hardware or vintage lines, please contact us directly for more information.

Special and custom orders

One of our favorite hobbies is turning our customers' special flatware pieces into one-of-a-kind mementoes of generations past. If your grandmother left you her prized silverware - or maybe just four dinner forks, a few odd spoons and a tomato server - we can turn it into special rings or bracelets for you and your sisters. If you have family silverware you'd like crafted into custom gifts, please read the guidelines below and then contact us directly.

When preparing to place a custom order, you'll need the following information:

  • The maker(s) and pattern(s) you have that you'd like to use. If you're not sure of the exact pattern, send us a picture of the decorative handles and makers' marks on the back stems - we may be able to identify it for you.
  • The number of specific pieces you have. For example, you may have three dinner forks, two dessert spoons, four salad forks and two butter knives. Each piece is important and even minor differences between, for example, types of spoons can be critical.
  • The number of pieces you'd like made or the number of people you'd like pieces made for. We can work with you to maximize the pieces you have to ensure enough gifts for everyone. Also, if you have even approximate sizes for each recipient, it will speed up the process and make the gift more personalized.
  • Your deadlines for the pieces. Custom orders can take several months depending on our schedules and availability, so plan ahead!

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Not every pattern or maker works well for our jewelry. Some may do great as bracelets but make lousy rings. Others simply may not work at all. We will usually err on the side of caution when working with a new pattern or maker.
  • Pricing will typically range a little higher than our stock pieces. Custom work requires a great deal more time and care, and this will be reflected in the estimated cost we provide you before we begin work.
  • As mentioned above, plan on two or three months for your items to be completed and returned. If Thanksgiving dinner reminds you that you have a few extra sterling forks on hand, it will be too late for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts that year. Valentine's Day is a more likely option.