Braided Dragon Cuff

Hand cast, braided dragon cuff in a flexible blend of pewter and sterling


This hand cast, braided dragon cuff is one of our most popular. Made from a flexible blend of pewter and sterling, it adjusts to fit most wrist sizes from small to extra, extra large. A chunky piece for a smaller build, it is a perfect weight for larger wrists. Measures approximately 3 to 4 inches across and 11 inches in length.

The great venomous serpent (beithir-nimh in Scottish Gaelic) was the closest thing to a Western dragon to be found in Scottish mythology. While unable to breathe fire, the beithir possessed a venomous stinger and was typically found in the caves and crags along the Highlands. According to legend, any person stung by a beithir must race the serpent to the nearest body of water. If the victim won, their life was spared. Should the beithir win, the victim would die.

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