Celtic Bear Paw Sterling Pendant

A Celtic-inspired bear paw pendant in sterling silver


Our intricate Celtic-inspired bear paw pendant is hand cast in sterling silver. The pendant measures just over an inch tall and comes with a sterling chain in 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches.

While there are no wild bears living in Scotland today, experts say that Scotland used to be home to two different types of wild bears: brown bears and polar bears. These, however, were likely hunted to extinction by the 5th century. In Celtic mythology, there are stories of Artio, a bear goddess. Historically, she was worshipped by the Helvettii tribe, who migrated to Caledonia from Switzerland. As the tribe moved, so did stories of their bear goddess. In ritual, white bear-shaped candles were lit in her honor, a plea for her help during the hunting season.

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