Double Arc Sterling Necklace

Double-arc mid-century necklace in sterling silver


Beautiful and geometric, this series of double arcs link to form a stunning sterling silver choker in a perfect mid-century style. Fully hallmarked in solid sterling, the necklace was hand crafted in the Taxco region of Mexico. The necklace measures 18” long.

Renowned for revolutionizing 20th century silver craftsmanship, the Taxco region in Mexico had been a center for silver art for several centuries. While the Aztecs and Spanish long prized the region for its abundant silver deposits, the region didn’t come to international prominence until the 1920s when American architecture professor and artist William Spratling moved to Mexico after befriending and working with Diego Rivera.

As word of Spratling’s pre-Colombian themed work spread, he began to teach local designers how to produce his designs. His love for traditional Mexican artistry earned him the nickname El Padre de la Plata de México — The Father of Mexican Silver. Since that time, the Taxco region has continued to grow and influence the art of silversmithing. The mid-century pieces produced by the dozens of artists working there are among the most sought after North and Central American silver accessories.

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