Gold Sword Kilt Pin

Antique gold sword kilt pin in 9k gold with red agate and bloodstone


This stunning gold kilt pin features an intricately cast sword in 9k gold with red agate and bloodstone. The pin is unhallmarked, which was not uncommon for locally made gold pieces of the Victorian era. It tests as 9k. It is in perfect condition, measures just over 2 inches tall and is one of the best examples of a gold kilt pin we’ve ever had the pleasure of collecting.

There is often confusion on the difference between a claymore, a dirk and a sgian dubh. The claymore is a larger blade, usually carried in the hand as an offensive weapon. A dirk (sometimes simply referred to as a long-bladed dagger) is worn on the belt, ready for action. The traditional Scottish sgian dubh is a smaller blade most often kept in the wearer’s kilt hose (tall socks). It was used as a utility knife or a weapon of last resort.

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