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Jerusalem Cross Sterling Pendant

Jerusalem Cross pendant in sterling silver with a blue cabochon stone


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This Jerusalem Cross (or Crusader’s Cross) pendant is beautifully hand-rendered in sterling silver (actually 935 silver) with a blue cabochon stone. The date of origin is uncertain, but our nest estimates put it at the mid-twentieth century. It measures 1.5” across and weighs a hefty 21 grams. A pin back was added at a later date.

The Jerusalem Cross (also known as Five-Fold Cross or Crusader’s Cross) is a heraldic cross dating back to at least the 11th century. Within 200 years, it had become associated with the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The symbolism of the one large and four small crosses is given (depending on the source) as the Five Wounds of the Christ, Christ and the four Evangelists or Christ and the four quarters of the world. In late medieval history, the Jerusalem Cross reappears as the Crusader’s Cross and was used for various Crusader states.