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Ram’s Head Hammer Necklace

Rugged ram’s head hammer necklace in stainless steel with cable chain


A bold design with a rugged look, this Thor’s hammer is hand cast in stainless steel and topped by an integrated ram’s head. Measures 1.75 inches top to bottom and comes on a stainless steel cable chain.

While sheep are an integral part of ancient Scottish communities, they rarely play a role in the folklore of either the Scots or the Norse. The ever-vigilant Heimdallr, guardian of Asgard, is infrequently referred to as Hallinskídi (the Ram in Old Norse), and his eyesight was said to be keen enough to see the wool growing on sheep. In old Scottish myth, the storied Wild Haggis was a whimsical creature and the source of the treasured Scottish dish. With its left or right legs shorter than those on the other side, it was said to be perfectly adapted to running along steep inclines. Sadly, it could only run in a single direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise.