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Seven-Citrine Kilt Pin

Victorian-era kilt pin with agate, sterling and seven Madeira citrines


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A simply stunning, Victorian-era agate, citrine and sterling silver kilt pin in an intricate design. The seven Madeira citrines have rich, deep amber color. One inset of agate, located on the base beneath the ring of citrines, is missing and can easily be repaired by a qualified craftsman. Fortunately, the gap is nearly impossible to detect during normal wear. Unhallmarked, which is not unusual for family-made pins of this era. The pin measures approximately 1.5 inches across. An ideal pin for a period-authentic Scottish kit.

One of the most prized stones in antique Scottish jewelry making, banded agate is a beautiful stone with distinct layers of colors and designs. Hues can range from browns and golds to reds, whites and even blues. Many classic Scottish kilt pins and women’s accessories will feature multiple colors of agate set in complementary patterns.