The Stag Kilt Pin

A hand-cast sterling silver stag kilt pin based on traditional Scottish designs



The Scottish red stag represents the stamina, virility and grace of the men and women of the Highlands. This detailed design from our Heritage Collection prominently features a traditional stag with antlers set with a colorful CZ stone. The central figure stands out in full relief with three-dimensional texture. The central stone is available in five different jewel tones: citrine (pictured), amethyst, garnet, emerald and sapphire. A sturdy barrel clasp on the reverse ensures a secure wear for years to come.

The original kilt pin dates from the early 20th century, and elements from the design can be seen in dozens of variations in the years that followed. We intensified the level of detail in our recreation, and we cast the piece to be more durable, nearly doubling the weight of silver from the original. The piece measures just under 1.75 inches across.

Common across the region of Caledonia, the Scottish red deer migrated to Scotland from continental Europe sometime in the Stone Age. Long a source of meat, antlers and hides, the Scottish red deer is a favorite symbol of the people of the region.

The Heritage Collection comprises our hand-picked selection of historic Scottish and European metalwork, recreated using modern techniques and hand cast in limited releases. We choose each piece for its period-specific beauty and its timeless appeal.

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