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Celtic Hammer Sterling Silver Earrings

A pair of Celtic Hammer Earrings featuring a beautiful Celtic hammer with elegant details, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Celtic Hammer Earrings feature a beautiful Celtic hammer with elegant details, hand-cast in sterling silver. Each earring measures 0.5 inch across and comes with a sterling silver hook.

The Viking Hammer

In Norse mythology, Mjölnir (Mjǫllnir in Old Norse) is the legendary hammer of the thunder god Thor. The hammer is one of the rare symbols that appears over and over in the scant texts available in the ancient Norse mythos. Forged by the dwarves of old, the hammer killed countless giants and other enemies of the gods in Viking folklore. Used as both a weapon of incredible power and vessel through which to bestow blessings, Mjölnir has been worn as a pendant of protection and luck as far back as the Scandinavian Viking Age. More than 1,000 unique hammer designs have appeared in Norse metalwork over the past several centuries, many thought to have evolved from the club of Hercules amulet worn by other ancient Germanic people.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

Shipping: Most hand-cast items ship within three business days. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. If an item is not immediately available, we will contact you right away to confirm a delivery date. For most domestic orders over $30, shipping is free. For international orders, please visit the checkout page for available options.

Guarantee: We want to make sure you love everything you find at County Argyle. If there is any concern about the fit, style or finish of your Celtic Hammer Earrings, please contact us. We will work with you to find the right solution. In most cases, you can simply mail it back to us for a different size, different design or a refund of the purchase price.

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