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Celtic Moon Earrings

A pair of Celtic Moon Earrings featuring a beautiful crescent moon in a simple, elegant style, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Celtic Moon Earrings feature a beautiful crescent moon in a simple, elegant style, hand-cast in sterling silver. Each earring measures 0.7 inch across and comes with a sterling silver hook.

The Celtic Moon

While not tied to a single deity in Scottish or Celtic mythology, the moon held a central role in many Caledonian legends of the Great Mother. A primary mother goddess in Celtic myth, Cerridwen keeps safe the cauldron of knowledge. In this role, she gives wisdom and inspiration to heroes and leaders throughout history. As a guardian of the intuitive process, she parallels the moon in its changing phases and consistent path across the sky.

The moon appears elsewhere in Gaelic myth. Two Celtic goddesses, Epona and Rhiannon, were said to ride through the night skies on white mares. Selkies, coastal creatures who lived as seals by day, shed their skins and become human to dance under the light of the full moon. Should a selkie lose her skin while human, she would stay human forever.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

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