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Celtic Tree of Life Ring

A Celtic Tree of Life Ring featuring a beautiful Tree of Life with Celtic flourishes, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Celtic Tree of Life Ring features a beautiful Tree of Life with Celtic flourishes, hand-cast in sterling silver. Available in sizes 7 to 14 (depending on current inventory).

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life (crann bethadh to the ancient Celts) is a symbol of life and community as old as many civilizations. To the tribes of Scotia, trees offered shelter, fuel, medicine and more. In myth, the Tree of Life represents that point where the earth and heavens meet — all things in perfect harmony. As the tree grows and strengthens, so too does its tribe. Longevity, knowledge, wisdom and rebirth are all at the heart of the great oak.

In Viking myth, Yggdrasil plays a central role in the destruction of the universe. The Norse world tree encompasses the ancient Viking view of the cosmos with the nine worlds nestled among its branches and roots. During the time of Ragnarok, the serpent that spent eternity gnawing at the tree’s roots succeeds in bringing the tree down. After the universe falls, a few remaining gods sift through the wreckage, play chess and prepare for a new dawn.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

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