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Irish Cross Sterling Silver Pendant

A Irish Cross Pendant featuring an intricate, elegant cross with Celtic knot flourishes, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Irish Cross Pendant features an intricate, elegant cross with Celtic knot flourishes, hand-cast in sterling silver. The necklace pendant measures 1.8 inches tall and comes with a sterling silver chain in 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross represents an important part of Celtic lore that is more than 1,500 years old. The shape — a traditional Catholic cross intersected with a circle — appears on historic grave markers, church records and silver metal work across the Celtic culture. Although the exact origin of the cross is unknown, one popular legend attributes the design to St. Patrick.

When St. Patrick first interacted with the Druids of the region, he noticed their focus on circles. Rings — like the structures at Stonehenge — represented the eternal cycle of life for early Celts, one without beginning or ending. St. Patrick understood the significance of these symbols, so he drew a cross with a circle overlaid. Thus, the Celtic Cross combines the two faiths: the Cross of Christianity and the eternal circle of the Druids.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

Weight: 7.0 grams

Chain: Sterling silver chain (18, 20, 22 or 24 inches)

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