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Nouveau Thistle Sterling Silver Pin

An Art Nouveau Thistle Kilt Pin by the studio of Alfred Lovekin, Frederick Simmons and George Deeby — under the hallmark Adie & Lovekin, Ltd.


The delicate Nouveau Thistle Kilt Pin is an elegant example of early 20th century design. The studio of Alfred Lovekin, Frederick Simmons and George Deeby — under the hallmark Adie & Lovekin, Ltd. led a studio in Birmingham during the late Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau eras. The hallmark reads “ALL” with the Scotland, Birmingham and 1910 stamps. A small, elegant sterling piece for collectors of fine Scottish antiques. Measures only 1.25 inches across.

The Scottish Thistle

Found across the Scottish nation, the beautiful purple thistle was first used as a royal symbol of Scotland in 1470. In fact, according to legend, the lowly thistle was instrumental in turning the tides of a Norse invasion at the Battle of Largs in 1263.

An invading battalion of Norsemen, on orders from King Haakon of Norway, landed in Ayrshire. They intended to subdue the Scots as Scotland was, at that time, part of the Kingdom of Norway. Removing their footwear to better surprise the sleeping Scots, the Norse invaders crept through the nighttime darkness until one of Haakon’s soldiers trod across a patch of prickly thistles. His cries of pain woke the Clansmen of Scotland. Alerted to the approaching army, the Clansmen rallied and drove off the invaders, securing Scotland’s freedom for another few generations.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver), citrine stone

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