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Ravens Hammer Necklace

A traditional Norse hammer or cross cast in stainless steel


Based on a traditional Norse stone carving design, this graphic hammer and cross pendant is a modern take on a traditional motif with two ravens, Huginn and Muninn, watching from above. Cast in stainless steel, the pendant measures 1.75 inches in length and comes on a stainless steel woven chain.

In Scotland, the ancient goddess Cailleach (also known as Beira, Queen of Winter) was credited with the creation of the mountains and hills of the Highlands as she dropped rocks from her wicker basket. She was rumored to take the form of a bird, often a raven, to feed upon the flesh of men. In Norse tales, Odin was served by a pair of ravens (Huginn or thought and Muninn or memory). The birds flew across Midgard, bringing their king news from the world of man. In fact, one of Odin’s names, Hrafnagud, means the “Raven God.”