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Sterling Horseshoe Brooch

The Sterling Horseshoe Brooch is a one-of-a-kind, late Victorian era sterling silver pin featuring two overlapping horseshoes


The Sterling Horseshoe Brooch is a one-of-a-kind sterling silver pin featuring two overlapping horseshoes. The piece is not hallmarked, but tests 925 silver, likely from the late Victorian era. The pin measures just over 1 inch across. A truly unique treasure and an excellent example of equestrian design.

Sterling Silver

When many people hear the term “sterling silver,” that consider that to be pure silver. In fact, sterling silver (also known as “925 silver”) contains only 92.5% silver. The balance is another metal, typically copper. For jewelry and practical items, smiths prefer sterling over pure silver due to issues of durability. Pure silver flexes easily, making items prone to warping, scratches, and dents. The addition of copper strengthens the metal, making it more suitable for daily wear. .

Material: Sterling silver

Era: Late Victorian

Artist: Unknown (unhallmarked)

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