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Whisky Nibs Artisan Chocolate Bar

An organic, dark spicy chocolate bar made with Marañón cacao nibs soaked in Scottish single malt


Rare cacao nibs from the Marañón canyon in Peru soaked in a premium single malt from Islay, a Scottish Hebridean island producing whisky famous for its strong peaty notes. Once the whisky has evaporated from the nibs they are blended with chocolate made from the same origin.

Chocolate Tree is Scotland’s premier organic, fair trade chocolate kitchen. They source organic cacao from Peru, where the cacao trees grow amongst other plants and wildlife. They work directly with cooperatives who ensure a high price is paid to farmers.

Ingredients: cacao beans, cane sugar, Peruvian cocoa butter, Peruvian cacao nibs, single malt Islay whisky.

Weight 40g | 70% Cocoa Content

Made in a factory that handles nuts and dairy.