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About County Argyle

Located in sunny Central Florida, County Argyle focuses on two unique crafts. First, our own one-of-a-kind Celtic jewelry is hand-cast in sterling with gemstones. Second, our curated collection of truly amazing vintage accessories comes from Scotland and around the world.

Since 2008, we have earned a reputation for an eclectic collections of antique Scottish-made, sterling and gemstone jewelry. Looking for a true Victorian bloodstone kilt pin or a one-of-a-kind vintage accessory? If we don’t have it or can’t make it, we will find it exclusively for you.

How to find us

Today we spend much of the year on the road. We showcase our wares at events all across the eastern U. S. From week to week, you may find us at a Scottish Highland Games, a regional folk festival, a local craft market or something entirely new. You can also shop online or visit with us during one of our lively Sunday Market online events.

Want to learn more about County Argyle? Browse our online shop. Then check out our calendar of events and come see us in person.

About County Argyll

County Argyll — archaically Argyle — is a region of western Scotland corresponding with most of ancient Dál Riata. Located on the island of Great Britain, it also happens to be the region from which our families hail.

The name derives from Old Gaelic airer Goídel (the border region of the Gaels). As the early thirteenth-century author of De Situ Albanie explains: “The name Arregathel means margin of the Scots or Irish, because all Scots and Irish are generally called Gattheli (i.e. Gaels), from their ancient warleader known as Gaithelglas.” The word airer naturally carries the meaning of the word ‘coast’ when applied to maritime regions. So, airer Goídel could also be translated as “Coast of the Gaels.”

The county town of Argyll was historically Inveraray, which is still the seat of the Duke of Argyll. Lochgilphead later claimed to be the county town from the 19th century. Neither town was the largest settlement, as Argyll’s largest towns are still Oban, Dunoon and Campbeltown.

Historically Clan Campbell was the main clan of this region and hosted the long line of the Dukes of Argyll. Clan Lamont has both allied and feuded with the Campbell clan over several centuries, culminating in the Dunoon Massacre. In the 19th century, the clan chief sold his lands and relocated to Australia, where the current chief lives.

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