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Sunday Market Preview: August 2023

The County Argyle Sunday Market for August 2023 on Facebook LIve

It’s been far too long since we’ve seen so many of you! The Summer is already over, and we are prepping for the rush of the Fall season, including the insanity that is Stone Mountain. Before we launch, we want to give you a preview of some of the best in store. If you’re a Sunday Market regular, it’s easy — just stop by on Sunday at 7pm EST over on Facebook Live. The Market this month should only take about an hour, just enough time to give you the best of the best.

The special subscriber’s preview below offers an exclusive a sneak peek at our favorites. Bill has hand-picked a few Victorian-era treasures while Jeff has been setting several stunning gemstone solitaires. Best of all, Bill has (believe it or not) finished his second murder mystery, Off Scot Free, and will give you an exclusive preview. If you see something you love, you’ve got first dibs as a newsletter subscriber. Simply drop us a line via Messenger or email and let us know. If it’s still up for grabs, we can make sure you’ve got it in the bag.

New to the Sunday Market?

If you’re new to our (four or five times per year) Sunday Market, you’re in for a treat. Simply log into Facebook just before 7pm on Sunday, August 27. Check into the Event page and in a few minutes you’ll be joined by Bill (on camera), Jeff (on the keyboard), Simon (on the floor) and so many of our favorite family and friends.

It’s a live event, so Bill will show off some of our favorite new treasures, and if you see something you like, just drop a Comment into the event and Jeff will set it aside for you. We love comments, questions and more. . . we just love hearing from everyone.

You can also check out the video post on Facebook after the event. If something you like it still available, it’s yours.

If you’d like a first look at upcoming Sunday Markets, you can sign up for the County Argyle preview email and newsletter. If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe right here on our website (the form is at the bottom of this page — super easy).

Hope to see you all there and our best wishes to all our favorite Moms!

One of a Kind Vintage & Antiques

All Summer, we have been busy buying collections and securing the historic, singular accessories our customers love. For Stone Mountain, we have set aside a little of everything. . . from mid-Century Scandinavian silver to Edwardian gold pendants to Scottish Victorian and more.

Each of these are one and only one. So, if you need more details (size, price, etc.) ahead of the Live event, just let Jeff know. He can answer any questions and, if needed, set it aside for you before the Market begins.

There will be a few extra surprises, so if you don’t see exactly what you had in mind, never worry!

Victorian-Era Sterling Silver Hollow Form Dragon Pair Pin
Victorian-Era Sterling Silver Hollow Form Dragon Pair Pin
Collection of Gold Victorian + Edwardian Lavalier Pendants
Antique Gentleman's Horn Snuff Box
Collection of Victorian-Era Sterling Silver Scottish Penannulars

Vintage Pewter Athletes

One of our favorite finds this summer was a complete collection of hand cast pewter pins featuring rugged Scottish Highland athletes plying their sports. Made in Scotland in the late 1990s, we were able to get the entire stock.

We often have trouble finding vintage pieces for men (and particularly athletes. . . their size doesn’t lend itself well to vintage!), so for us this is a real treat.

If you see something you like, let Jeff know in advance of Sunday, if possible. Quantities are limited, and once we have sold out, they are gone forever.

Pewter Caber Toss Pin
Pewter Sheaf Toss Pin
Pewter Stone Put Pin
Pewter Weight for Height Swing Pin
Pewter Hammer Throw Pin
Pewter Bagpiper Pin

Off Scot Free

Just as COVID shut the world down, Bill released his first book, Thou Shalt Not Kilt. The Scottish-flavored murder mystery featuring author and historian Elle Cunningham Mackay exceeded all our expectations selling (so far) more than 8,000 copies.

After several edits, tangents, and sessions of writer’s block, Bill has finally finished the sequel, Off Scot Free. This new chapter delves more into the history of the town of St. Andrews and the tragic murder of Elle’s former mother in law. 

If you’d like a sneak peek at the book, which will officially go on sale in mid-September, be sure to drop by the live event for a reading.

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