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Crossroad Runes

The Crossroad Runes at County Argyle

Life is all about the journey. At every fork in the path, we face a decision: should we turn left or turn right — or simply remain rooted in place? Each of these crossroads helps to define who we are and where our lives are heading. So, how do we know which path to take?

Crossroad Runes are an old tradition in my family, one that’s been passed down to me over several generations. It’s a simple system for interpreting a randomly chosen pair of Viking rune stones. These runes don’t foretell the future — at least not according to my grandmother. Instead, they offer a little extra light along your path. Each stone helps to illuminate your options, making your journey surer of foot.

The Elder Futhark

The Elder Futhark (or Fuþark) runes represent one of the earliest runic alphabets known to man. Originating among the Northwest Germanic tribes during the early 1st century, this flexible writing system found its way north only a few hundred years later. Among the early Scandinavians, the runes graced many aspects of daily life, including stonework, jewelry, weapons and tools.

In the late 8th century, the system was streamlined into the Younger Futhark. This new alphabet remained in use for several hundred years. The Elder Futhark, however, disappeared and was largely forgotten. In the mid 19th century, Norwegian scholar Sophus Bugge deciphered the older runes, giving them new life almost 2,000 years after their original creation.

Your Daily Runes

If you’d like to explore the history and practices of the Crossroad Runes, visit with me any morning on TikTok or Instagram. I do a daily rune draw and interpretation. Have a question? Let me know. Looking for practice with the runes? I’m happy to help. Let’s take this journey together.

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