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A Short History of Scotland

Historian Andrew Lang’s A Short History of Scotland (1911) in a downloadable, digital ebook format


Grab your favorite e-reader and dive into a digital copy of a classic history of Scotland. One of the County Argyle editions in our digital library.

A Short History of Scotland

Historian Andrew Lang wrote some of the best know books on European culture at the dawn of the 20th century. His series of Fairy books are still widely read by children today. In 1911 he published A Short History of Scotland, a conversational. It offered a well-researched study of the history of Caledonia from the early Roman times up through the Victorian era.

From the first chapter, Scotland & the Romans:

If we could see in a magic mirror the country now called Scotland as it was when the Romans under Agricola (81 A.D.) crossed the Border, we should recognise little but the familiar hills and mountains. The rivers, in the plains, overflowed their present banks; dense forests of oak and pine, haunted by great red deer, elks, and boars, covered land that has long been arable. There were lakes and lagoons where for centuries there have been fields of corn. On the oldest sites of our towns were groups of huts made of clay and wattle, and dominated, perhaps, by the large stockaded house of the tribal prince. In the lochs, natural islands, or artificial islets made of piles (crannogs), afforded standing-ground and protection to villages, if indeed these lake-dwellings are earlier in Scotland than the age of war that followed the withdrawal of the Romans. . .

Format: A digital download for Kindle, iPad or Nook.

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The Digital Library

This digital (ebook) copy of Lang’s work includes the complete text and artwork of the original. This rare antiquarian book of Scottish history is a digital reprint of the 1911 edition. Due to the age of the original, imperfections — marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages — may occur. If you have any questions about your book, please contact us.

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