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Celtic Dragonfly Earrings

A pair of Celtic Dragonfly Earrings featuring a stylized dragonfly with spread wings, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Celtic Dragonfly Earrings feature a stylized dragonfly with spread wings, hand-cast in sterling silver. Each earring measures 1.3 inches across and comes with a sterling silver hook.

The Celtic Dragonfly

The iridescent dragonfly (tarbh-nathrach in Scots Gaelic and abhainn dubh in Irish) symbolizes change and transformation in Celtic lore. A steward of Brighid — the goddess of wisdom and knowledge — the dragonfly helps mortals see beyond this world. This vision of truth gives the favored the ability to observe the realm of spirits all around us. In fact, while some myths portray dragonflies as steeds for “little people,” others go further. They suggest that dragonflies are actually fairies in disguise as they flit over the bogs and creeks of the Highlands.

In addition to foretelling good luck, to modern neopagans, the dragonfly represents a life in transition — the human soul transforming from one stage to the next.

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

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