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Jacobite Dirk Pin in Gold

The Jacobite Dirk Pin in Gold features an impressive dirk in golden washed metal with costume agate stones


The Jacobite Dirk Pin in Gold features an impressive dirk in golden washed metal with costume agate stones. The pin is hallmarked “Jacobite,” a well-known and collected costume jewelry maker in the British isles. It measures 3 inches tall and is a fine example of 20th century Scottish costume jewelry.

There is often confusion on the difference between a claymore, a dirk and a sgian dubh. The claymore is a larger blade, usually carried in the hand as an offensive weapon. A dirk (sometimes simply referred to as a long-bladed dagger) sits on the belt, ready for action. The traditional Scottish sgian dubh is a smaller blade most often kept in the wearer’s kilt hose (tall socks). It served as a utility knife or a weapon of last resort.

Scottish Costume Jewelry

During the mid-20th century, costume jewelry exploded in Scotland as customers sought classic designs in more affordable styles. Companies like Miracle, Mizpah and Jacobite produced hefty, colorful pins and pendants in plated base metals with glass and acrylic stones. Today, some of these foundries continue to turn out new designs. Older pieces enjoy a high degree of popularity on the secondary market among collectors looking for shapes, designs and colors not commonly found in traditional Scottish silver work.

Material: Golden washed base metal, costume stones

Era: Mid 20th century (estimated)

Artist: Jacobite Studios

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