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Raven Moon Sterling Silver Pendant

A Raven Moon Pendant featuring a figurative raven over a Celtic-inspired crescent moon, hand-cast in sterling silver


Our Raven Moon Pendant features a figurative raven over a Celtic-inspired crescent moon, hand-cast in sterling silver. The necklace pendant measures 1.1 inches across and comes with a sterling silver chain in 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches.

The Celtic Raven

Ravens play a central role in many Celtic myths. Often representing death and darkness, ravens foretell fallen warriors in battle. In one version of the Arthurian legends, King Arthur transformed into a magnificent raven at the moment of his death.

In Scotland, the ancient goddess Cailleach (also known as Beira, Queen of Winter) was credited with the creation of the mountains and hills of the Highlands as she dropped rocks from her wicker basket. She was rumored to take the form of a bird, often a raven, to feed upon the flesh of men.

In Norse tales, a pair of ravens (Huginn or thought and Muninn for memory) served the allfather Odin. The birds flew across Midgard, bringing their king news from the world of man. In fact, one of Odin’s names, Hrafnagud, means the “Raven God.”

Material: Hand-cast sterling silver (.925 silver)

Weight: 6.2 grams

Chain: Sterling silver chain (18, 20, 22 or 24 inches)

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Guarantee: We want to make sure you love everything you find at County Argyle. If there is any concern about the fit, style or finish of your Raven Moon Pendant, please contact us. We will work with you to find the right solution. In most cases, you can simply mail it back to us for a different size, different design or a refund of the purchase price.


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