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The Scottish Fairy Book

Author Elizabeth W. Grierson’s The Scottish Fairy Book (1910) in a downloadable, digital ebook format


Grab your favorite e-reader and dive into a digital collection of Scottish fairy tales. One of the County Argyle editions in our digital library.

The Scottish Fairy Book

Part of the Lippincott series of Fairy Books from around the world. In 1910 Elizabeth W. Grierson published The Scottish Fairy Book with Art Nouveau illustrations by Morris Meredith Williams. The book features nearly two dozen traditional Scottish folk and fairy tales. Favorites include Thomas the Rhymer, Gold-tree & Silver-tree, Whippity-Stourie and more.

From the book’s preface:

There are, roughly speaking, two distinct types of Scottish Fairy Tales.

There are what may be called “Celtic Stories,” which were handed down for centuries by word of mouth by professional story-tellers, who went about from clachan to clachan in the “Highlands and Islands,” earning a night’s shelter by giving a night’s entertainment, and which have now been collected and classified for us by Campbell of Isla and others.

These stories, which are also common to the North of Ireland, are wild and fantastic, and very often somewhat monotonous, and their themes are strangely alike. They almost always tell of some hero or heroine who sets out on some dangerous quest, and who is met by giants, generally three in number, who appear one after the other; with whom they hold quaint dialogues, and whom eventually they slay. Most of them are fairly long, and although they have a peculiar fascination of their own, they are quite distinct from the ordinary Fairy Tale. . .

Format: A digital download for Kindle, iPad or Nook.

Shipping: Digital copies arrive via email, usually within a few minutes of purchase.

The Digital Library

This digital (ebook) copy of Grierson’s work includes the complete text and artwork of the original. This rare antiquarian book of Scottish fairy tales is a digital reprint of the 1910 edition. Due to the age of the original, imperfections — marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages — may occur. If you have any questions about your book, please contact us.

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