Victorian Iona Cross Kilt Pin

Victorian-era Iona cross kilt pin in sterling silver with red agate, blue Montrose agate and bloodstone


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A large, Victorian-era agate, bloodstone and sterling silver kilt pin in a bold Iona cross design. Unhallmarked, which is not unusual for locally made pins of this era. The pin measures approximately 1.75 inches across. A truly unique treasure with excellent examples of Scotland’s best semi-precious stones.

In the ancient world, Bloodstone (also known as heliotrope) was considered the most desirable of the Jaspers, with a deep, vibrant green surface flecked with dots of bright red. Used as a protective talisman, it was crafted into signet seals, jewelry and even decorative cups and statuary. In Scottish tradition, the bloodstone is one of the few semi-precious stones native to the country, with the best known (and most colorful) deposits found on the Isle of Rum. In addition to aquamarine and turquoise, bloodstone is birthstone for March.

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