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Viking Scroll Hair Pin

A Viking Scroll Hair Pin featuring a modern take on a traditional Norse hair accessory, cast in pewter and measuring 2 by 5 inches with an 7.75-inch stick


Our Viking Scroll Hair Pin features a modern take on a traditional Norse hair accessory, cast in pewter. The body of this massive pin measures 5 inches across by 2 inches tall. It comes complete with a 7.75-inch cross stick.

The Celtic Warrior

For several centuries, the warriors of Celtic Europe controlled vast swaths of land across the continent. Their long hair, painted bodies, and fearsome demeanors made them the subject of legends as far south as Rome. Men and women fought side by side, often adorned with golden armlets and copper torques. The Celts’ legacy includes a fondness for collecting and preserving the heads of fallen foes. Horses were often adorned with these gruesome treasures to strike fear in the hearts of those the Celts’ enemies.

Material: Pewter

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