Crescent & Star Kilt Pin

Victorian-era crescent moon and star kilt pin with red agate, bloodstone, citrine and sterling silver


A beautiful, Victorian-era agate, bloodstone, citrine and sterling silver kilt pin in an intricate, crescent and six-pointed star design. Unhallmarked, which is not unusual for family-made pins of this era. The pin measures approximately 1.25 inches across. A truly unique treasure, unlike any other pin we’ve collected before.

The crescent and star combination is one that appears as early as the Byzantine empire. In subsequent centuries, the symbol (sometimes redrawn as a crescent moon and blazing sun) was an emblem of the Ottoman Empire and, later, some groups associated with the Crusades. In the Victorian era, the symbol was most often associated with secret fraternal organizations. It remains a rare sight in Scottish history and silver work.

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