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The Scotch Ness Monster

The Scotch Ness Monster keeps your favorite scotch chilled without watering it down


There’s something lurking in your glass of scotch! A favorite at our home parties, the Scotch Ness Monster is the perfect addition to any drink, whether a single or a double. Crafted from stainless steel and medical-grade silicone, this mythical beast keeps your liquor chilled without watering it down.

Simply chill him in the freezer for three hours, add him to your favorite tumbler via the secure suction cup, add your scotch (or whisky or whiskey or bourbon or rye) and enjoy. He is dishwasher safe and durable for years of use. Please note the glass and scotch pictured are not included.

A perfect gift for the scotch-lover in your life. Great for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas or any holiday that calls for a good, stiff drink.